DeNovaMed DNM0547

This is a lead compound identified as a first-in-class antibiotic. It demonstrates high skin permeability, which makes it suitable for topical treatment in early-stage Diabetic Foot Infections (DFIs). DNM0547 is also effective for early Stage 2 patients. If the disease progresses, a mixture of DNM0547 and colistin is offered. It has shown successful outcomes in various tests, including against all major multidrug-resistant bacteria. DNM0547 also finds potential use in the treatment of other conditions such as MRSA infections, cellulitis, ischemic limb infections, and other skin infections.

How it Works:
Primarily, DNM0547 acts against a broad spectrum of Gram-positive bacteria found in DFIs – including every important drug-resistant strain. Further testing narrowed it down to 5 compounds which were successful in DFI and cellulitis animal models.

Key details:
Investing $13M is necessary for Phase 1 of the human clinical trials. Afterward, a timetable is set for the different phases of the trial, with FDA approval expected in the 36th month- 3 years from the commencement of the human trials. The result of these trials aims to secure a stronghold in the market for DNM0547 and its compound mixture with colistin in treating Diabetic Foot Ulcers.