About Us

Who We Are

Empowering Healthcare with Breakthrough Antibiotic Technology

DeNovaMed Inc. is at the forefront of pharmaceutical innovation, dedicated to the discovery and development of life-saving antibiotics. With a deep-seated mission to combat diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) and the escalating crisis of drug-resistant bacterial infections, we stand as a beacon of hope for patients facing these daunting healthcare challenges.

At DeNovaMed, innovation is the heart of our operations. Our state-of-the-art computer-aided drug design capabilities have yielded multiple classes of antibacterial compounds. These are not only drug-like in their efficacy but are distinctively structured to deter the development of future resistance.

Our preclinical candidate, DNM0547, is a testament to our commitment to underappreciated medical needs. This compound shows great potential as a topical treatment for DFU—a complication of diabetes that is much more common than most people think: 35 - 50 million DFUs/yr globally! Meanwhile, DNM0904, an ACP synthase (AcpS) inhibitor with systemic administration potential, is being tested widely to establish its utility in a variety of infectious diseases, including against multi-drug-resistant Gram-positive infections.

DeNovaMed is not just about creating drugs; it's about forging a legacy of enduring health solutions. We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence, unwavering in our commitment to science, and dedicated to improving the lives of those we serve.

Team Of Experts

Christopher McMaster,

Christopher McMaster, PhD

President, CEO & Director

Professor of Pharmacology, Dalhousie University; Director, Canadian Institutes of Health Research – Institute of Genetics

Christopher Barden

Christopher Barden, PhD

COO & Director

Entrepreneur, computational scientist, and US registered patent agent; co-founded several successful biotech companies.

Donald Weaver

Donald Weaver, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer

Professor of Medicine, Chemistry, and Pharmacy at University of Toronto / UHN, pioneering medicinal chemist, co-founder of 6 biotech companies.

Z. Sam Ruttonsha

Z. Sam Ruttonsha, B.Sc, MBA

CBO & Director

President of Hanbury Management Ltd (an investment bank); founder, C-level executive, banker or VC in several biotech and other companies

Advisory Board

David Armstrong

David Armstrong, MD, PhD

Clinical Lead

Professor of Surgery, USC, Director of the USC Limb Preservation Program, knowledge expert in DFI treatment and trials, lead for DeNovaMed clinical trials

Marlene Haffner

Marlene Haffner, MD, MPH

Regulatory Expert

Former Director of Orphan Product Development at the FDA, Rear-Admiral (retired) USPHS, brought over 300 products to market