Therapeutic Focus

DeNovaMed’s drug discovery platform has potential applications in a wide variety of resistant infections including complicated skin and skin structure infections, community acquired and hospital acquired pneumonia, ocular infections, and in Pseudomonas cystic fibrosis infections. Our lead compounds are currently being tested in a number of in vivo efficacy models to identify the best application in which DeNovaMed drugs would have the greatest advantage.

At present, the anti-infective market is the third largest pharmaceutical market in the world, with antibiotics sales of over $25 billion annually (Source: Business Insights). Market trends presently show a 4 - 7% annual growth rate in global anti-infective sales. Antibiotics represent the second-largest therapeutic category in terms of pharmaceutical sales, second only to the cardiovascular market. Four antibiotics have attained annual sales of more than $1 billion each. Tetracyclines alone, despite their availability as a generic agent and the widespread occurrence of resistance by disease agents, have an estimated market of over $800 million in sales worldwide. The growing medical problem of drug-resistant bacteria therefore represents an expanding market opportunity.